Mary Baker Eddy
No and Yes
p. 20:23.

Adam’s mistiness and Satan’s reasoning, ever since the flood, — when specimens of every kind emerged from the ark, — have run through the veins of all human philosophy. Human reason is a blind guide, a continued series of mortal hypotheses, antagonistic to Revelation and Science. It is continually straying into forbidden by-paths of sensualism, contrary to the life and teachings of Jesus and Paul, and the vision of the Apocalypse. Human philosophy has ninety-nine parts of error to the one‐hundredth part of Truth, — an unsafe decoction for the race. The Science that Jesus demonstrated, whose views
of Truth Confucius and Plato but dimly discerned, Science and Health interprets. It was not a search after wisdom; it was wisdom, and it grasped in spiritual law the universe, — all time, space, immortality, thought, extension. This Science demonstrated the Principle of all phenomena,
identity, individuality, law; and showed man as reflecting God and the divine capacity. Human philosophy would dethrone perfection, and substitute matter and evil for divine means and ends.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed in 1996.
This Act protects the personal, health and financial information of patients.
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