From a Resident

The Perfect Place

I’ve been here five and one half years, and it’s the perfect place for me.  I came here because I needed to get connected with Christian Science. What I really like about Glenmont is that I can close the door and be in my “closet” so that I can know God better.  I have grown more in the last five and one half years than I did in the fifty before that.  The reason is that I feel the love here and can pray as I long as I need to whether it’s a short time or a few hours at a stretch.

I’m really happy with the Christian Science nursing staff, and that I am allowed to do what I am still able to do for myself. Everyone is supporting my independence.  At those times that I do need help, I have it.   For example, once when I needed     additional assistance, a couple of the Christian Science nurses that were assigned to my care regularly, always seemed to know just when I needed help and when to step back.  The  administrator is so caring, too.  I’ve noticed that he’s here on the weekends at times and whenever there seems to be a problem.

I used to be a medical nurse and know how invasive the    medical practices can be. My own family noticed the difference in atmosphere when they came to Glenmont this past year. One of them was surprised that the patients were active – not just sitting around, doing nothing.  I told her that they were praying, and she liked that.

Speaking of the right or perfect place, some months back a couple of the other patients and I were in the dining room talking about the large flock Canadian geese on Glenmont’s property. The geese were so destructive, creating a mess in areas where we like to walk.  One of the patients found an article in The Christian Science Journal by Barbara Vining, CSB, that talked about the starlings in her neighborhood that were noisy and messy. No one knew how to get rid of them, but Barbara prayed.  (To know how Barbara prayed, see the article, “Dominion:  Being Subordinate to God Alone”  in the January, 2012, Christian Science Journal.)  While she was away on a business trip, the starlings disappeared. So, my dinner companions and I took up the work and prayed too. I told the geese that God had given them a wide wingspan to migrate, and that they could find the perfect place for themselves – one that was perfectly suited for Canadian geese and not an interference to others.  It seemed like a difficult dilemma because the geese had been raised on the Glenmont property and occupied a certain space for many years.  Three days later the geese were gone. They migrated—but maybe only to the other side of a neighboring public school! (That’s where a large flock of the geese showed up.) Well I’m still praying. That prayer has made me ask myself again, “Why aren’t you praying more about your own place?” I now pray to see that am always in my right place.  God is guiding and leading me.

I’ve had many healings since I’ve been at Glenmont.  One was a healing of warts on my neck.  Although I didn’t pray about the warts specifically, they just disappeared.  I think that was because of all of the other praying that I had been doing for myself. Another time, a dentist determined that two of my teeth needed to be pulled.  He said to come back in two weeks and he would pull them.  That gave me two weeks to pray, especially because I had never had a dentist pull my teeth nor did I want to use Novocain.  At the next appointment while he was making an impression of my teeth, one of the teeth came out on its own.  Seeing how easy that was, the dentist simply pulled the other one, and I experienced only the tiniest bit of pain.  I never took an antibiotic either. It was a piece of cake! I’ve learned that if something is bothering me, I can keep my thought on God and that the other can not take hold of me. Sometimes I get impatient, but then I realize that I have more to learn when the healing doesn’t come immediately.

From the Christian Science nursing staff:  Over the last few years, we have been so grateful to have this patient with us.  She is a productive, joyous, loving and forward-looking individual.  She has always looked for ways to be a blessing to others when she is not praying for herself.  She has lovingly sewn many things for table tops, baked scrumptious pies for holiday events, taken personal care of our resident cat and led an evening activity two days of the week.  Her expectancy of on-going good and purpose is an example to us all.

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