Services-002Christian Science Nursing care — Services

(Levels 1 and 2): For students of Christian Science who require substantial assistance, including spiritual nurturing, feeding, bed care, bathing, commoding, cleansing and dressing of wounds, skilled oversight/observation, or special nourishment.

(Levels 3A & 3B Sheltered Care): For students of Christian Science who currently need lighter assistance with personal care and activities of daily living, and would benefit from a sheltered, nurturing, Christian healing environment.

(Level 4 – Progressive Living): For students of Christian Science who are in large measure independent, but currently need freedom from everyday tasks in order to support physical healing and/or spiritual regeneration, are dedicating themselves to a regime of daily prayer, and can benefit from oversight and occasional assistance with tasks such as bathing or dressing. Progressive Living is not retirement living — it is a light form of Christian Science Nursing designed to support individuals who are in the process of healing and are transitioning out of the facility, or who are working to overcome the claims of age.

Christian Science Nursing care at Glenmont includes three meals daily, housekeeping, laundry, participation in the activities program, on-site church services, and telephone service (including long distance calls within the 48 continental states). All rooms are singles (but some share a large bath with an adjoining room).

Family members are welcome to support their loved ones and can even stay overnight at Glenmont if space is available.

Additional Services

Respite Care
Short-term arrangements may be made for students of Christian Science whose care needs are normally met at home and whose relatives (or others responsible for their care) are away or temporarily unable to care for them.

Outpatient Care
Christian Science Nursing care for outpatients is available for individuals able to travel to Glenmont from their homes or work places, and whose care needs can be met by a brief visit to Glenmont or by several short visits. Outpatient Care includes services such as cleansing, dressing, and bandaging wounds or burns, wrapping injured limbs or ribs, and giving instructions to outpatients as to proper care for themselves upon returning home.

Christian Science Nursing at Home
Glenmont can assist in contacting Christian Science private duty nurses (including those experienced in working with mothers and young infants), home aides, or other Christian Science Nursing facilities; assist in arrangements for transportation to or from the facility; and accompanying patients during transport.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed in 1996.
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