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Christian Science Nursing Care

Glenmont is a Christian Science nursing facility dedicated to serving all those whom God sends to us to be served and is for those who are seeking healing and are relying exclusively on Christian Science treatment for this healing. Glenmont does not engage in specific medically-oriented practices.

Christian Science nursing provides proper practical care given by thoroughly trained Christian Science nurses in accord with Christ Jesus’ teachings and following his words, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matthew 25:40).

Service Levels

Levels 1 and 2: For individuals who require substantial assistance, including spiritual nurturing, feeding/nourishment, full care in bed, bathing, toileting, cleansing and bandaging, skilled oversight/observation.

Levels 3A & 3B Sheltered Care: For individuals who currently need lighter but regular assistance with personal care and the activities of daily living, and who would benefit from a sheltered, nurturing, healing environment.

Level 4 – Progressive Living: For individuals who are in large measure independent, but who may currently need a nurturing, sheltered environment, free from household tasks. These individuals are able to dedicate themselves to daily prayer and study while benefiting from Christian Science nursing oversight of their needs.  Occasional assistance with tasks such as bathing or dressing is also available. Progressive Living is not considered "retirement living" — it is a light form of Christian Science nursing that supports continuing spiritual regeneration of thought.  Such individuals may be working to overcome physical claims, including those associated with aging. They may be transitioning out of Glenmont.

Christian Science Nursing Care at Glenmont includes three meals daily, housekeeping, and laundry, participation in the activities program, on-site church services, and telephone service (including long distance calls within the 48 continental states). All rooms are singles (but some share a large bath with an adjoining room).

Family members are welcome to support their loved ones and can even stay overnight at Glenmont if space is available.

Visitors are welcome with prior arrangement.

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Additional Services

Respite Care
Short-term arrangements may be made for individuals whose care needs are normally met at home and whose relatives (or others responsible for their care) are away or temporarily unable to care for them.

Good Samaritan Care
Christian Science nursing care for individuals who are able to travel to Glenmont and whose care needs can be met by a single visit or by several short visits. Good Samaritan Care includes personal care such as nail care, cleansing and bandaging wounds or burns (or other affected areas),  as well as giving instruction for proper care at home, including for mobility and nourishment.

Christian Science Nursing at Home
Glenmont can assist in contacting private duty Christian Science nurses, home helpers, or other Christian Science nursing facilities. Glenmont may be able to assist in transportation arrangements to the facility and someone to accompany patients during transport.

Helvi Paasinen

Helvi Paasinen 
Director of Christian Science Nursing

Becky Barns

Becky Barns     
Assistant Director of Christian Science Nursing

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