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Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs).  There are several types. The basic purpose of a CRT is to benefit a non-charitable beneficiary or beneficiaries for life or for a period of time with the balance of the trust going to the charity when the beneficiary passes away or the designated period of time elapses. There are tax advantages to the establishment of such a trust during one’s life time, as well as a tax benefit within an estate plan.

Charitable Lead Trusts (CLTs). In this case the charity benefits from a designated income stream for a period of time (approximately 25 years). Then the trust corpus, reverts to a designated beneficiary without additional tax consequences. These too can be established as a current charitable vehicle or used in an estate plan.

Gifts of stock. To arrange please call Lydia Manfreda, Administrator, at (614)876.0084.

Life Insurance or Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts. In this instance Glenmont can be a full or partial beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy

If you have further questions, please call Lydia Manfreda, Administrator, at (614)876.0084.


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