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History of Glenmont  1931 - 1987

In April of 1923, the Boards of First and Second Churches of Christ, Scientist, Columbus, at a joint meeting received notification that they were the recipients of $1,000 each through the will of Mrs. Kate Warner. The purpose of the bequest was for the maintenance of a Christian Science “hospital” in the city of Columbus, Ohio. The bequest requirements were to be met within ten years or revert to the heirs. Mrs. Warner needed nursing care and because no Christian Science facility existed for her, she entered a medical hospital to receive care. Wishing to spare other Christian Scientists this experience, she made her will hoping these provisions would assist in carrying out her wishes.

Both churches were preparing for dedication, so the matter was set aside. Much later, a trained nurse, who was a member of First Church, remembered the will and began to search for it. There was no record of the document in the Board minutes, but thankfully, was located in the record at the Court House.

A non-profit corporation formed on April 13, 1931, a state charter granted to a Board of seven members from First and Second Churches, and the State Superintendent of Physicians interviewed to ascertain compliance with medical laws.

Both Churches subsequently voted to turn their share of money over to the corporation. During the time that a home on Glenmont Avenue was being considered for purchase, the name “Glenmont Home” was assigned. However, after this location was subsequently rejected along with several others, the property at 72 Woodland Avenue was secured in April 1934. With the loving and generous sacrifices of many over the next few years, the new home became debt-free. Contributions ranged from .25 cents to that of many dollars. The purchase and installation of carpets took place the week before Christmas in 1937.



From the start, numerous healings took place at Glenmont, and guests found a wonderful setting for rest and quiet study. Our files are full of letters of appreciation from those, and the families of those who have utilized our facilities. Word spread Glenmont’s reputation as a safe haven in which to receive loving care during difficult and challenging times.

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Glenmont Facility early years
Glenmont Facility mid years

In 1982, Glenmont’s Board of Trustees enlisted the services of the Architectural Firm of Wandell and Schnell, along with The John’s Company Builders, to erect a new building and campus for Glenmont on 16 acres in Hilliard, Ohio. Within the next five years, the building was erected, occupied and completely paid for to the tune of $4,300,000. Once again, the Christian Science Family, under God’s direction and guidance, became galvanized into a working force for Glenmont’s progress.

We sometimes seem to be at a loss for words to express our deep and heartfelt gratitude. Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, said it best, “To the Members of The Mother Church: — I am bankrupt in thanks to you, my beloved brethren, who at our last annual meeting pledged yourselves with startling grace to contribute any part of two millions of dollars towards the purchase of more land for its site, and to enlarge our church edifice in Boston. I never before felt poor in thanks, but I do now, and will draw on God for the amount I owe you, till I am satisfied with what my heart gives to balance accounts.” (My 9:19)

For all of the dedicated and selfless giving, for the enlightened vision of good thinkers and doers that has brought Glenmont where it is today, we are bankrupt in thanks.

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